Ongoing Projects

S N Name of Work Name of Department Date of Work Order Timer in Month Amount in Lakhs
01 Widening and Reconstruction of Dhooma Gotegaon Road MP_MDR_37_04, Ganeshganj Sunwara Kewlari Pindrai Road MP_MDR_37_13 and Kewlari Bheemgarh Chhapara Road MP_MDR_37_14 Package No 9 MPRDC, Bhopal 24-Jun-17 12 Months 4850.49
02 Widening and Reconstruction of Gadarwara-Geteoria Road (MP-MDR-41-03), Podar-Salichoka-Babai-Sukhakhairi Road (MP-MDR-41-12), Kareli-Singhpur-Dangidhana Road (MP-MDR-41-14) Package No.-6 MPRDC, Bhopal 12-May-17 457 days 6876.83
03 Construction of Kanya Siksha Parisar at Block Mehendwani District Dindori Incuding Electrification Santory Fitting ect complete PWD,PIU-Dindori 25-Aug-17 24 Months 2684.75
04 Widening and Reconstruction of Kotma Jaithari Rajendragram Road Package No 23 Under MPDRIISP MPRDC, Bhopal 4-Jan-18 12 Months 10187.87
05 Widening and Reconstruction of Panagar Belkhadu Road MP_MDR_36_14 and Sihora Majauli Katav Road MP_MDR_36_01 Package-8 MPRDC, Bhopal 2-Feb-18 15 Months 5865.50
Total Amount   30465.44